Pretty Girl Products

Pretty Girl Makeup is a cosmetic company that specializes in natural, long-lasting products for girls on the go. Founded in 1999 by celebrity makeup artist Christina Flach, Pretty Girl mixes fantasy with a bit of luxury by combining vitamins, minerals and essential oils. Our mission is to bring you the freshest and most natural cosmetic products to help you look and feel good. When you wear one of our products, you’re wearing the result of several years of hard work. Specialists mixed and matched pigments, natural ingredients, and other essential components to create one-of-a-kind products that deliver the results you want.

Choose from several fabulous products including lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners, and bronzer. We even added fabulous limited-time lipsticks to our line. What you’ll find with each Pretty Girl product is quality makeup with a fun and catchy name. “I love giving fun names to my products that can make my clients smile” says Christina. “I realize there are a million cosmetic lines on the market but I want my Pretty Girl clients to know that there was a lot of thought, love and humor that goes into each product.” Our lip glosses sport names like “Love of all Loves“, “Darling“, and fan-favorite, “Rich Husband“. Choose from gorgeous lipsticks with names like “Pretty Girl Lunch“, “Day at the Spa“, and “Private Jet“. These are just a few of the amazing products we offer to beautify those not so glam moments of life.

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