My best advice for high school seniors getting their portraits done

1. Go for a fresh, clean dewy look that is age appropriate. I
2. You want these pictures in 10 years to look timeless and not “Oh my gosh, that conturing was so 2019”
3. Your senior portraits are a day makeup look. Don’t do an over dramatic nighttime look with heavy black liquid liner.
4 .It’s very important to make sure your foundation is not too dark or too light. Foundation should blend in to your skin tone, not be darker or lighter.
5. It is best to use neutral eyeshadow colors, trying to copy an over exaggerated Vogue magazine image is not the right time.
6. A hint of blush or bronzer  will warm up your face even if you are pale.
7. Very important to fill in your brows with a shadow or a brow pencil. This gives you  a stunning and classic framing of your eyes.
8. Select a neutral lip color a touch brighter then your natural lip color. Not the time for a black or bright red lipstick.
9. Eye cream under the eyes and concealer will get rid of any dark circles and puffiness.
10. Drink lots of water a few days before, so your skin is hydrated. A good nights sleep will help you feel beautiful, which will show in the pictures. Think happy and positive thoughts, because your energy will show how you are feeling on the camera.