You are not too old to dress up for Halloween!

  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for the following reasons: 1. Seeing the cute kiddies all dressed up as princesses and monsters is too cute for words. 2. Decorating my home, inside and out gets me ready for the Christmas Holiday decorating freenzie. 3. I can secretly dress up and do my makeup to…


Treat Yo Self

Today I’m going to be sharing some at-home spa tricks for your Summer skin. Let’s take a half hour and treat ourselves to some much deserved relaxation. Summer is here and who isn’t loving all this heavenly sun?? However, after a long winter our skin needs some TLC to achieve and maintain that summer glow….

Choosing Your Cosmetic Lineup

Do you ever look at someone or at yourself in the mirror and something seems off? Often time we are using too dark or too light of a foundation on our skin. During winter months, our foundation is a shade or two lighter than in the sunny summer months. My best advice is to try…