Cover Up How To

Covering up blemishes and cold sores has been an issue from the beginning of time.  If I  know about the problem a head of time here are a few suggestions that  I do before I handle the problem of covering it up.

* Drink a warm glass of water with 1 TBL Spoon of  Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day.

* Celery juice is amazing for clearing skin, swelling and inflammation. In fact, I  had a model on a Friday with a horrible break  out of acne on Friday, she did the celery juice Saturday and Sunday, by Monday, her skin was visibly clearer!

* No alcohol

*Lots of water, add a squeeze of lemon

* Don’t pick the zits, ice them if it helps the pain.

* Don’t stress or obsess on it, my makeup tips will take care of them!


The best way I  handle this  annoying issue with models on a shoot or a bride on her wedding day, is to cover it with a heavy  light  colored concealer on the blemishes or cold sores. Use an eye cream before you add the concealer under the eye. It will look less “cakey” when the skin is hydrated.

Put your foundation on all over your face with a sponge or brush. Try not to use your hands, as they are oily and will only make your skin worse. I  add concealer again  after I finish doing the entire face, it brightens up the eye area and if those pesky zits are trying to pop through the foundation, it will give them an extra coat. The foundation looks  better when it is layered then just putting on a huge amount at one time.

You can add some finishing powder to the skin it you have extra oily skin, but I  prefer a fresh dewy look.

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A few of my must haves for a fresh summer look are a new mascara,  Maybelline Total Temptation 
Brows are a MUST for eyes to be showcased, I  love  Kat Von D Signature Pencil!
Since getting sun on our face is a big No No, we need a splash of bronzer! Too Faced has been voted the best bronzer Chocolate Gold Sole’ Bronzer. It has coco powder and real gold. Smells like you’re on a vacation!
Love being able to have a glossy looking lip with out having to reapply lip gloss . Pretty Girl Makeup’s Oh Honey Lip Gloss, gives that light golden hue, that looks gorgeous on everyone and lasts for hours!



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