2019 is All About Giving Back!

I started Pretty Girl Makeup to create a fabulous lipgloss to share with all the Pretty Girls in the universe. Over the years, life’s ups, downs and all arounds have allowed me the privilege of being in a position to choose a charity to partner with. To  help people in real need. Pretty Girl has always been about making you not only look like a Pretty Girl on the outside, but also feel like a Pretty Girl on the inside. Sometimes we need to take a minute out of our long days of work, being a mom, wife, or friend, to feel pampered and mostly, loved! My wish is for everyone on this planet, to have big, yummy love in their life!


For 2019 Pretty Girl Makeup has chosen the Sparkle Foundation for many reasons, here are the top 3 reasons that spoke to us:

1. The Sparkle Foundation helps Single Mothers and children year round with funding for sports and after school activities.
2. 100% of every dollar that is donated, goes to where it should, to the mothers and children!
3. 355 children received backpacks for school and 53 families celebrated Christmas with the sparkle only Santa and his Sparkliest  helper Samantha Tradelius and the entire Sparkle Team can do!
The generosity and passion that I have witnessed personally is beautiful beyond words. The marvelous women who run this foundation, whom have even brought their own children to help fill back packs, wrap Christmas gifts, and deliver to 53 families, are truly an incredible bunch! These children are learning  to help others from a  very young age, instead of hearing how they should help, they are actually doing the acts of kindness. After all, actions speak louder than words. They have seen the true meaning of what  compassion, empathy and generosity can mean for families that are not as fortunate. Their actions have a thousand times more power than any lesson they could be hearing. By actually participating in giving back, a much larger impact  on these young lives is made. Their actions, love, generosity, time, and hard work are what makes Sparkle a reality!
For every $50 purchase, Pretty Girl Makeup will proudly gift a Pretty Girl Fab Bag full of goodies to a woman in need. Please help us by visiting Pretty Girl Makeup!

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