Why I treat my makeup brushes like new born babies!

Makeup brushes must be treated like hair. Using stong dish soap will dry out the hairs of the brushes, which will make them break, but because the hairs of the brushes  are going to be dry, brittle and eventually break.
I get compliments all the time from my clients on how good my brushes feel! I actutally rotate how I clean the brushes by using coconut oil, olive oil and hair conditioner. I love using WEN by Chaz Dean, as there are not chemicals or ingredients that are going to dry out the brushes.
On set, I use Neutrogena makeup wipes, because they clean with out drying out the brushes. When I get home at the end of the day, I do the cleaning of warm water with either the coconut oil, olive oil or the WEN. I let them soak, and then rise, press out the excess water and let air dry!
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Happy Make-up Brushing!

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