Shake Up Your Fall & Winter Routine With These 10 Hot Tips


Fall is here and it’s time we shake up our routine in every aspect of health, hair, exercise, and makeup! The holidays are going to be here before we know it and we need to set up a routine and plan for getting through the holiday season without gaining a ton of weight and more importantly feeling like a slug from all the excess sugar, which by the way is the devil hidden in those beautifully decorated sugar cookies and pumpkin lattes!

Here are a few tips to help stay on track, while still having fun and not feeling deprived.

  1. When you are running out the door, before you grab your handbag and keys, fill up your water bottle and add a squeeze of lemon which will help re-alkaline your system and best of all helps rid our system of sugar cravings. We often think we are hungry, when we are really incredibly dehydrated.
  2. I know that pumpkin latte tastes like heaven on earth, but try a pumpkin tea or chai teawith no sugar. The more sugar you eat, the more we crave and eat. I tell myself at the beginning of the season, I will enjoy one amazing holiday sugary latte, and then it’s back to tea with no sugar. Let’s enjoy a holiday baked good then drinking a million empty calories daily of a sugary latte.
  3. When the weather is chilly and it is tough to go to the gym when we feel so cold, try a hot yogaclass! The hot room feels so good on tight muscles, we clear our pores with a good sweat and your body will get a deep stretch that we need to get ready for ski season. Changing up our work out routines during the winter months keeps the boredom away and will keep you from skipping our much-needed workouts.fall_womanplaying.jpg
  4. My favorite part of getting into bed at night is slathering my hands and feet with coconut oiland putting on my cozy socks to keep the oils on my feet and not my sheets! Massaging your feet before bed will also help with sleeping soundly, depression, blood circulation, PMS and Menopause, but for me relaxing after a long day puts me to sleep 5 seconds after I put my head on the pillow! Waking up with soft hands and feet after a good nights sleep, there is nothing better!
  5. Make green juice in the morning or before bed which ever is easier for you. Add to your blender, OJ, Apple juice or Coconut water(fantastic if you drank too much the night before and are feeling dehydrated), green apple, spinach, kale, fresh ginger and turmeric. Those extra ripe bananas you normally toss into the garbage, peel, put into a freezer bag into the freezer, add to your smoothie with out having to add ice!  I like to make enough to drink a glass or two and then put in a container to have mid day or in the afternoon when I would normally eat something sweet.IMG_9789
  6. Leave a jar of coconut oil in the shower to rub into your skin before you get out. It saves time putting on while you are still wet and your skin will absorb the much-needed oils.

    Spoon with coconut oil in frying pan and jar on kitchen table
    Spoon with coconut oil in frying pan and jar on kitchen table
  7. Just because it’s raining, snowing or overcast, you still need to put sunscreen on your face, neck, chest, and on top of your hands. Yes, your hands too! How many times have you looked at a woman’s face and her hands looked like she was much older.  Trust me, you will thank me in 25 years when your hands are not wrinkled and have sunspots.
  8. If you are exfoliating, cut back to 2-3 times a week. The hot showers can strip your skin of oils and cause itching, discomfort and flaking, so try switching to a warm water shower, after you warm up or better yet, shock your skin with a cold 30- 60 seconds of cold water. I promise it will wake you up!
  9. Fall is the best time to try a new hair color or cut. A trim after all the sun of the summer months will keep your lovely locks healthy. A warm chocolate brown, tone down your blondeness to a golden honey or maybe you want to add a bit of excitement with a dark rich dark brown will last much longer without fading or turning brassy.
  10. Plan something with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Sharing a memory is better then a gift! A harvest festival, museum exhibit, hikes to see the change of season, an afternoon of crafts, work out with a trainer or a spa day! Happiness and laughter are what makes us feel beautiful on the inside and shows in our face to the world!

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