You are not too old to dress up for Halloween!


You are not too Old to Dress up for HalloweenYou are not too Old to Dress up for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for the following reasons:

1. Seeing the cute kiddies all dressed up as princesses and monsters is too cute for words.

2. Decorating my home, inside and out gets me ready for the Christmas Holiday decorating freenzie.

3. I can secretly dress up and do my makeup to be unrecognizable! I know we all think we are too old to dress up and should act our age. Me: Says who? I think it is so liberating and fun to make myself someone else for the night! But how you ask? Go online to Halloween and find yourself something that you normally would never ever consider and buy it! Don’t forget a colorful wig to go with it!

Now, the fun part! Are you going to be scary or extra extra glam? Here are a few hints to make it easy! Look on Pintrest for holloween makeup ideas to do it your self, look on Yelp for a local makeup artist that can do something really fun and over the top.

Here are my makeup tips Glam Makeup Tips for you to DIY!

Start with your moisturizer, face, eyes and neck. Concealer under the eyes, corners of your nose, the lines by your mouth, under your chin and finally on any discoloration. Blend in the foundation, it can be extra heavy and a lighter shade than normal beacuse we want this to be exaggerated. Fill in your brows with a color that matches your costume  or match your own brow color. Using a black eyeliner pencil, line your top and bottom lids into the corners. This is the one time I want you to exaggerate your makeup! Eyeshadow time! Light creamy white color under the brow. Let’s use this model in the picture for example. Let’s use purple, green and black for eyeshadows and lipstick! Mascara the heck out of your lashes, I would use the biggest fake eyelashes you can find and put them on. Contour your cheeks, sides of the nose and chin. Splash the cheecks with blush and don’t be shy about it. Line your lips to the edges of your lips to exagerate them, add matching lipstick and lipgloss so it lasts all night. Plus it gives the illusion of bigger, kissable lips!

The final touch, get those sexy high heels you have been saving for a special day or go to Marshals and get a new pair!

Happy Halloween, Pretty Girl! We all need and deserve an evening away from reality!

Love, Laugh and Lipgloss!


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