The Wonders of Getting Enough Sleep

Beauty sleep is very much real. In fact, the BBC reported that sleep deficit has effects on your face, and eventually on your social life as well. They state that lack of sleep can make your face “significantly uglier,” making you appear unhealthy and unapproachable. The study conducted by the Karolinska Institute, found that people tend to avoid socializing with individuals who look tired or whose faces outwardly show that they lack sleep.

Sleep in general can make a huge difference to your appearance in more ways than one. Sleep is the best anti-ageing secret you can have. It will improve your skin tone and get rid of dark circles under your eyes. The chances are if you’re lacking sleep then your eyes will appear puffy and skin will look sallow.

Sleep.Org explains that sleep provides a bevy of physical nourishments that helps you retain a healthy glow. This includes pumping out growth hormones that heal your skin from the damages brought about by sun exposure and pollution. This is why a lot of people apply night cream when they’re about to sleep; it accelerates the healing process. Additionally, sleep also decreases your inflammation hormones, lessening your chances of breaking out in acne.

Aside from your face, other parts of your body are also at risk of damage when you sleep less. Daily Burn stresses that lack of sleep has a profound effect on weight gain and can create problems in your fitness regime. They shared a study from the Endocrine Society, which concluded that even a 30-minute decrease in sleep can increase your chances of obesity and diabetes. They state that the more sleep-deprived you are, the more your appetite grows and your willpower to adhere to your diet lessens.

However, like many other beauty products out there, you have to follow certain processes to attain its full effects. This means that there are ways in which you can fall asleep faster, easier and have better quality sleep. Leesa provides a guide filled with tips and tricks to get better sleep. They begin by suggesting you focus on the quality, not quantity, of sleep. They share that six hours of good quality sleep is a lot better and more effective than ten hours of tossing and turning in your bed. They also advise against having technology in the bedroom as the light emanating from these devices can keep you from sleeping.

To fall asleep faster and easier, you should also refrain from caffeinated drinks, especially coffee and tea. Avoiding them 4 hours before your bedtime will help you sleep easier. They also stress the value of exercise during the day when it comes to sleeping, but also advise limiting bedroom activities at night to lessen brain stimulation.

A hot cup of Camomile tea, a warm bath with Epsom Salts and lavender oils will take the stresses out of your day, and best of all relax your muscles so you can sleep through the night to  wake up rested and ready to tackle the day!

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