A Girl’s Mission

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The shoot started like any normal shoot with the call sheet of a model, stylist, makeup artist and of course, the photographer who had a vision of what we were going to help bring to life. I arrived with my hair and makeup kits ready to go, in an old victorian hotel in San Francisco’s Castro district at 8:00 am on a foggy morning.

Jaap Strijker, the incredibly talented photographer, told me he was looking for a fresh, fall, minimal look, with the hair full and lush! Got it!

Stylist Thomas Schoots had all the Fall Fashion from H&M layed out for me to see. I am at this moment very inspired , excited and ready to go!

Miss Ivy Christensen of Scout Model Agency arrived with her flawless skin, lush gorgeous hair and sparkling eyes and it was show time!

I prepped her face, under eyes and lids with my favorite skin Superfood Serum by Kama Organics.

Lip Balm: Hint Water

Concealer: BBU Palette by Bobbi Brown

Foundation, Sable Highlighter Pallette and  Blush (Orgasim) by Nars

Brows: by Viseart Brow Pallette

Eyeshadows: by Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked Pallette 2

Black Mascara, Brown Eyeliner, Black Eyeliner, Rich Husband Lipstick, Oh Honey Lipgloss, Love of my Life Lipgloss, and Toes in the Sand Gettin’ a Tan Bronzer by Pretty Girl Makeup.

I blew out  her hair using Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray and  Royal Blow Out Heat Stylying Spray. Sectioned her hair, curled with a curling iron. My secret trick because of the foggy weather in San Francisco is pin curling the hair and one more splash of hair spray. It helps big time getting the hair to hold!

Our little team was out the door and on our way to The Mission Discrict to go to the locations Jaap had found the day before. Watching as Ivy changed into her fabulous Fall Fashion wardrobe selected by Thomas, I knew we were on fire and going to make photo shoot magic! 4 outfits later, we all agreed this shoot was special.

Clearly so did Institutemag.com, because we are published!

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Love, Laughter and Lipgloss!

Christina 👄

Agent for Christina Flach  – Scout Creatives


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