Everybody Needs a Break Sometimes!


It’s been a while since I have written on my blog. I have been MIA due to a much-needed break. At first, I was disgusted with myself for needing one, but then I realized my life was getting consumed with constant work and very little fun. I decided that between frequent photo-shoots, running Pretty Girl Makeup, releasing new products, and having all 4 of my angels home for summer, I was going to take a break in the middle of the day to go watch my friend’s daughter show her horse.

I drove with a friend to Sonoma for lunch at Fremont Diner, followed by a stroll around Sonoma looking in the beautiful stores. I especially LOVE one that is owned by uber-talented sisters, Elizabeth Cain and Amy Fullerton – Love Sonoma. Seeing all the thought, effort, creativity and love they put into every piece of their store was an expression of another form of artistic talent that makes the world a more beautiful place.

Have you ever taken some time for your self and played “hooky” from your adult life and gone into the mentality that you were without a care in the world? I highly recommend it! Even if it is for a few hours or a few days, giving yourself the luxury of clearing your mind and spirit may surprise you. I found that it gives you the strength and ability to handle whatever bumps the road of life brings you. We all have special friendships that we gravitate towards when we are in need of an ear to listen to our problems, a work out buddy to get us to the gym, or an old cherished friend that knows you inside and out. These friendships allow you to be who you truly are at that moment of weakness.

How about the friend that makes you laugh so hard that your belly hurts, but the feeling of happiness is bursting out of your heart? Isn’t that the best feeling? Give yourself the gift of fun and laughter. It will be the gift that keeps on giving as you return back to the everyday stresses of the real world.

During these very difficult times, we must make the effort to take a minute to smile, help the person in front of you, and offer everyone our positive vibes. When someone cuts you off…. take a breath, smile and wish that person who must be in a big rush a happy day.

Ok, now lets talk about makeup! Pretty Girl Makeup has launched new Everlasting Eyeshadow Collection just in time for Fall fashion! We have also brought out the first of a new line, our beautiful Golden Glow Shimmer Highlighter to use on your cheeks or even on your eyes as a shadow!

I love products that you can use for multiple effects such as the eye shadows as a liner, brow filler or in the crease to make that eye really pop!

After a long day driving my son to a golf tournament, I was a “hot mess”, and while being the “prepared makeup artist,” I didn’t have much to work with! What I did have was a tester of moisturizer by C2 California Clean that I used under my eyes with a touch of concealer, which helped the sleepy darkness go away and provided the illusion of looking awake! I then used Baby Love Lip Gloss to give my cheeks a touch of much needed color. I first put it on my lips, rubbed it in with my finger and tapped it to my checks… It’s amazing what just a few tiny tricks can do to help make me feel awake and positively refreshed for my next activity.

I would love to hear from you about what makes you happy and smile!

Love and Kisses,



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