Makeup Trends I Wish Would Go Away


Too much self-tanner and bronzer is a major No-No! A light swipe of bronzer is a great way to warm up your skin and even fake a day at the beach, but more than that and you just look radioactive. A healthy glow is the goal

Heavy liquid eyeliner worn during day on pale light skinned women is so outdated and looks like you have not gone home from the night before! A thin line is tasteful and makes the eyes pop at nighttime, but a thick heavy line up the sides of the face is not showing off your beautiful eyes, instead just a heavy black line.


Pencil thin eyebrows. I have never understood why woman pluck, wax or laser off their brows to then pencil in a thin black line. Brows are the fame of the eyes and if properly waxed by a professional. In fact, they are my favorite part of the face! Using an eye shadow that matches your hair polishes the brows and gives a very sophisticated look, instead of a Jessica Rabbit lookalike.


The newest fad that needs to be sent to a land far, far away is lash extensions that are so heavy you can’t open your eyes. Besides potentially doing permanent damage to your lashes, it looks like a small rodent is on your face.



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