Happy Independence Day!


With so much talk of Health Care and Immigration during this 4th of July. I wanted to honor the 3 fabulously artist friends that I am blessed enough to work with.

Karl Sanchez(@Karlsanchezmakeup) is from France, We are both represented by Look Artists Agency in San Francisco. The first time we met was at Neiman Marcus doing the Carolina Herrera fashion show. We worked together with 3 other makeup artists getting 29 models ready to go in 2 hours with a very specific look for each model. The makeup had to be exactly the same for each of the 29 models by all 5 of the stylists. We were put into a very stressful situation when a stylist arrived 50 minutes late and did sub par work, which  Karl and I had to redo on top of finishing our own models. We worked together and it all turned out perfectly. This began the beginning of a beautiful and cherished friendship that is still continuing to grow. Karl and I love and respect each other, and instead of entertaining competitiveness or jealousy, we are each others biggest cheerleaders.


Gisela Acosta and I are both represented by Blanc Bridal Salon in Cabo San Lucas where I was hired to do makeup and Gisela, the hair, for a destination wedding. We walked into Cabo del Sol Golf Club where the bridal party was getting ready and began to set up. We chatted about our kids and were curious about what each of us had in our hair and makeup kits. One of my favorite things to do when I am working with another artist is to see what they have in their kit. I love to see what they are obsessed with, and share what I am loving in my own kit! What Gisela can do with someones hair is utterly remarkable. I love watching her create magic with a bride on her special day! She has an addictive energy and sweetness. I always look forward to working with her. She even did my hair and makeup for a 80’s celebrity party I was invited to! So fun to be treated with her magical touch!


My newest friend is the extraordinary photographer Deepika Sharma. She is from India and has an incredible following of over 32k followers on Instagram. Check her out @Deepikasdeepclicks! She found me on Google maps, and called me looking for a makeup artist to work with on some artistic shoots while she was visiting her sister in Napa. Thank you Google! I saw her work and counted the seconds until we could shoot together. We have had two shoots in the last two weeks and the chemistry we have is like no other! Her eye for turning what I think is nothing beat up truck on the side of the rode into an artistic masterpiece! I now trust when we go out looking for locations that she will spot a place and wave her magic wand!\


I love to share my Pretty Girl products with everyone I work with. It’s a great way to get my lipgloss, eyeshadows, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner and lipsticks into more hands.Hopefully they will use them on their clients, which hopefully ends up with more Pretty Girls visiting my website.

The moral to the story is having these extraordinary friends from other countries that I have been blessed to work and create magical  artistic  moments with is a true gift that is given to each American and I pray that is forever possible.

Happy 4th of July to all!




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