Choosing Your Cosmetic Lineup


Do you ever look at someone or at yourself in the mirror and something seems off? Often time we are using too dark or too light of a foundation on our skin. During winter months, our foundation is a shade or two lighter than in the sunny summer months.

My best advice is to try to get a foundation that works for you year round.  You can always combine the two seasonal foundations you have if your skin is in-between. I love the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation by NARS ($49), it is the perfect combination of light coverage that looks fresh and dewy. Try to stay away from heavy matte foundations, as they make the skin look caked.

Don’t trust yourself to pick the right foundation? Check out Best Foundation Reviews of 2017 by They spent 40 hours researching 364 formulas, consulting with several industry experts and professional makeup artists, and personally testing 7 foundations to help you find your best match.

Now that you’ve got your foundation right, it’s time to figure out what to get for the rest of your cosmetic lineup. This month we are adding 4 new eyeshadows to Pretty Girl Makeup for an exclusive anniversary collection. It can be overwhelming to pick out eyeshadows with all the color choices, but we’ve made it easy by putting together the best natural pallets to enhance the beauty you already possess. Your hair, skin and eye color are the best advisors on colors you should be using.

Early on I decided that I wanted our eyeshadows to be multi-purpose so I made sure that they’re able to fill in brows, work as an eyeliner, and even for contouring. I am so excited that we could do all of this with the shadow line. The colors look great on all skin tones and are not too heavy to detract from natural beauty. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with color. If it looks or feels too severe, blend until you love how it is looking.


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