Tips from Our Everlasting Eyeshadow Collection


I am so excited to share Pretty Girl’s very first eyeshadow collection! I’ve always been obsessed with making the eyes the most spectacular part on any client I work on, after all they are the windows to the soul. I designed this multipurpose eyeshadow collection so that they can be used traditionally as well as to line eyes or even fill in brows.

The Everlasting Eyeshadow Collection became a reality when I decided to start expanding Pretty Girl as a whole. Just back in February we launched the Pretty Girl Lip Love Collection of lipsticks. After that success, I knew it was time to introduce eyeshadows to Pretty Girl. With this collection, you can use all 8 of these rich, luscious colors for a magnitude of combinations that will take you from a day to night look or a mom to red carpet look in just minutes.

First off, always start with your favorite eye cream under and on top of the lid. A concealer will lighten and brighten any darkness under the eyes. If your lids are discolored, you can blend in on the tops of your lids. Here are a few combinations from the new collection that I think you will love:

1. For a Bright-Eyed Morning Look: Fill in your brows with One Last Kiss, add Sea Glass to the entire lid to lighten and brighten any discoloration, line the top of the lid with His Heart Belongs to Me and add Stars on the Water to the crease. Follow up with our Lash Builder Mascara specifically targeting the ends of your lashes.

2. For Gym Makeup: Start with Sea Glass on the entire lid and under the brow, then fill in the brow with our Pretty and Thin Brown Eyeliner. Then add Wordless I Love You’s to the lid and finish off with our Lash Builder Mascara.

3. For Date Night Eyes: Using Stand With Me shadow with a thin eyeliner brush, line the top lashes as close to the lash line as possible (A thick line will make the eye appear smaller) and under the bottom lashes. Under the brow use Sea Glass and to the inner corner of your eye. In the crease use Look Into My Eyes to create a bold look. Don’t be afraid of a mistake, blend and blend until you look get the exact look you are striving for.

Pro Tip: A Q-Tip is your friend and will touch up too much eyeshadow under your lashes or in the crease. 

My best advice is to experiment with the colors and find the perfect one for every occasion. Remember, when you are happy and relaxed it only makes your makeup look next level fantastic and your energy will light up the room!


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