The Hottest Summer Beauty Tips


Sun bathing, pool parties, and lemonade. Yes Pretty Girls it’s that time of the year and summer is fast-approaching! Whether you’re working on your summer bod or preparing your skin for those special parties, I’ve got some hot tips to help you get ready for the upcoming season:

Buy a fresh new sunscreen. My client Kara Goldin, the CEO of Hint Water, has come out with a fabulous sunscreen that smells amazing that has no oxygenizing or parabens. Enter code HINTSUN to get 3 Hint Sunscreen sprays for only $60 (a $72 Value).

Sort your closet. Go through your closet to start bringing forward the summer clothes and move the winter clothes to the back of your closet. Make a list of what you need to add this summer. A new bathing suit? New fresh white tee-shirts? I LOVE Road Twenty-Two tee-shirts! My friends started this socially conscious brand in San Francisco that employs formally incarcerated and homeless woman to create edgy soft tee shirts that look fantastic with jeans or dress them with a blazer, check them out.

Check out Groupon for hot summer deals. Deal can be for the gym, main/pedi, teeth whitening, trips, dinner etc. There are a million cool things discounted that you don’t even know about! Check out the hidden gems.

Shop healthy. While making your shopping list for the market be sure to add kale, spinach, apples, coconut water, bananas, parsley, lemons, ginger root, turmeric root, watermelon, and mint. Use your blender and add different combinations of the list I just gave and make enough green juice to have 2-4 times during the day. I know for me, if it’s made and ready to go when I am on the run out the door, I will drink it easily while I am in the car picking up my kids from school or running errands.

Hydrate. Get in the habit of filling up all those water bottles that are sitting in your cabinet doing nothing!  Do it first thing in the morning for the day. My clients want to know how to have flawless skin. It’s called daily discipline all through the year. Not smoking, drinking alcohol less, eating more greens and using products that clean, exfoliate, and moisturize. Drinking lots of water daily will flush out toxins, curb your hunger, and your skin will be hydrated. Looking to spice up your water? Add some lemon, orange, cucumber, mint, or apple slices to not feel you are suffering with “boring plain water”.

Mix up your workouts. Make it fun, pretend you’re a kid again and it’s play time. Bring a friend on a hike and watch how fast that workout goes. Add new music to your playlist to help the time go by even faster.

Have fun Pretty Girl! Happiness is a choice, so be happy and live life to the fullest. I would love to hear your favorite summer prep hints. Feel free to tweet us your fave tips @Prettygirlmkup.


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