The Universe Listens, Dream Big


I once heard the quote “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” Well, I have one more piece to add to that quote, “If you love what you do and where you do it, you will never work a day in your life.” I am incredibly blessed to have a job that I can travel to different places to work. I don’t like the rain and cold so during those cold months I work in Mexico doing photo shoots, writing for magazines, running Pretty Girl and doing wedding makeup for destination weddings.

My husband had an event in Palm Springs last month so I mentioned it to my agent who booked me for a day job in San Diego with Marriott Hotels for the day. I woke up early, drove over the beautiful mountain over to San Diego, worked all day, and was back in time for a late dinner with my husband and friends. It’s surprising but if you take the time to put out an ambition into the world, the universe will listen and toss something miraculous back at you.

Take a few minutes now, and write down a few wishes/dreams that you would like to happen this year. I put out three things at the beginning of the year and low and behold they all happened! I wanted to travel with my daughters who are both away in college. Melania and I took a trip to Costa Rica to The Retreat that my best friend Diana Stobo owns. I spent time with my daughter and saw a dear friend that I rarely get to see.

Then my other daughter Rose and I met in London during her spring break and took a cruise from Barcelona to Savona Italy and back to London. My third wish was to find a way to expand my makeup line and take it worldwide. It is now happening and I know it only happened because I took the time to write it down, pray about it, and watch and listen for how to make it happen.

I encourage and hope you take the time to make your wishes come true! FYI, wishes can’t come true unless you ask them to appear. Inhale love, exhale fear, and most importantly don’t give up on what you want most.


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