Cleansing Your Monday Blues


All I ever hear people say is how much they hate Mondays. Well, I think it’s time we choose to LOVE Mondays. Let’s look at Mondays as a fresh start, the slate is clean to do something new and exciting. I have decided to mix up my workout to waking up extra early and going to yoga at 5:30 am. Yes, I know it’s insanely early, but it’s over and done with before my kids start their day.

Looking to revamp your Monday routine? Here are some ideas you can implement for a fresher start to your week:

  1. Call a friend that you love, maybe someone you haven’t seen in a long while and set up a walk or lunch.
  2. Look on Groupon for a deal at a spa and book a massage. Costs less so you don’t feel so guilty.
  3. Get out that blender since you are up early and toss in an a glass of either coconut water, apple juice or orange juice plus apple, kale, spinach, frozen banana, a slice of ginger and numeric. Put in plastic jars with a lid to drink thought the day. It’s like being on a cleanse and doesn’t cost $100 a day from the fancy juice place.
  4. Take 30 minutes to read or meditate.
  5. Pretend Tuesday is Friday night and surprise your family with a board game and popcorn.
  6. Instead of working though lunch, put on your walking shoes and get some fresh air! I promise your mood, work and day will be 100% better.
  7. Go through your makeup bag and clean it out. Toss out all the products you are not using or give to a friend or coworker that might actually use them. Reward yourself with buying a new mascara, since I can imagine it’s probably getting dried out after being in your bag forever. Go to Pretty Girl Makeup and order a new one using code MONDAY for 25% off!
  8. Put the kids to bed early, pour yourself a glass of wine and go cuddle up with your honey. Talk about how much you love each other and plan a weekend away.
  9. Plan a date night on Wednesday, the week will fly by if you break up the week.
  10. Make yourself a promise to have more fun in your life. If it takes planning, do it. I am the worst at this and I am trying to force myself to push away from my computer and do something different.

As I write this last sentence, it’s 6:15pm, and it’s 75 degrees in California. My kids are with their dad, so I am going to go for a quick hike with my puppies before a late dinner with my husband. I have to say, I’ve had a fabulous Monday 💋





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