An Eyelash Exposé


I think every woman alive on this planet is looking for a way to have amazingly long lashes. Waking up to beautiful, lush lashes and not looking as haggard as we feel we look in the mirror was a novel concept. The eyelash trends began with mascara, then fake lashes, and now lash extensions. As a Makeup Artist, I have seen it all.

My favorite is clients that don’t remove their waterproof mascara, which is my worst nightmare. Ladies, you do not need waterproof mascara unless you are going swimming or getting married! Having to remove waterproof mascara is quite the task and often the mascara has gotten so thick and hard that it’s heavy on the lashes to the point that the few who survive the trauma are weak and limp. I have gone to shoots with models or brides that have lashes so thick that it looks like a pet they have adopted from the ASPCA.

The bottom line is that your lashes are being damaged from any method you choose. Whether it’s the heaviness of lash extensions or the weighed down goop of mascara. You then have to try to gently wash off the makeup around them like you’re some kind of neurosurgeon. I speak from experience; I went to the best lash stylist to get my dream lashes. Being the perfectionist and face product junkie that I am, I was spending a lot of time in the chair daydreaming about the other things I could be doing.

Our lashes are delicate and over time can’t withstand the weight of lash extensions that keep getting bigger and bigger. Lashes are like skin, they need air and time to regrow. I have since started using Rodin and Fields Lash Builder and I’m now getting the length I had wished for without wasting time. I used this product every night for the first month and now I use it every other day. My lashes are now long and strong. I finish off my look by using PG’s Lash Builder Mascara.

I can’t wait for the eyelash extension fad to pass; it’s getting out of control when I see the masses of lashes women are walking around with these days. They look totally unnatural and stick out like a very sore thumb. I am looking forward to lashes and brows to be back in balance again. This is my humble opinion and not meant to offend any lash lovers of America.


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