My Dream Team

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I started this company all by myself which at times can feel very daunting, overwhelming and lonely. However, when I’m on a shoot everything falls into place. The joy and fulfillment of being part of a creative team is like no other, everyone gets very close very quickly. The model, the Makeup Artist, the Lighting Experts, and the Photographer work together to create the best shoot possible.

At the start of the day I set up all my “war paint” including Pretty Girl lip glosses, lipsticks, bronzer, mascaras, eyeliners, etc. I never know who I’m going to transform next with my makeup and tools. It’s exciting to work with models, CEOs, brides, and athletes. It’s an experience like no other when I see the final shot in a magazine or on TV. It’s the same feeling I get from seeing the final version of a Pretty Girl product.

I absolutely love what I do and I am grateful for the amazing team I have that helps to make this company run seamlessly. They have banded together and work from three different parts of the country with me to improve and grow Pretty Girl into a company that will soon be worldwide. I have my Publicist Miranda, Cody our Developer, and Cassandra who runs all things Social Media. Having these three dynamos to run social media, the blog, our products and PR is not an easy task yet I have found that they make it all possible.

I always thought that the experience of being on a set was so different from being the CEO of Pretty Girl, but as my company grows I see that it’s all team work. The feeling of excitement and satisfaction I have when I see an incredible Instagram post Cassi has created, Miranda editing a blog post to make me sound like a Harvard grad, or Cody maintaining our website and being patient with my “just one more tweak” texts, makes me thankful that I have this team for the ups and downs of this journey.


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