Clients That Have Inspired Me

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Being a makeup artist has given me the privilege of working with some exceptional entrepreneurs that have given me advice and inspiration to grow and expand my company. I’ve learned a lot from the clients I’ve styled and I’ve learned how turn my dreams into reality.

 My friend/client, CEO of Hint Water and KARA TV, Kara Goldin, told me once to figure out “How a product is a need that the consumer doesn’t have and how it will better their life if my product is in their hands?” This question drove me to really think about how I wanted my cosmetics to be different. I know that women are always on the go and that there is a prevalent need for long-lasting cosmetics in this fast-paced world. That is why I made sure my products are long-lasting, natural and fabulous.

I have also drawn problem-solving techniques from watching Caryl Stern, CEO and President of UNICEF. She has the monstrous task of dealing with problems to make better lives for children worldwide. She always does it with kindness which inspires me to handle difficult situations in the same way. Clearly, my business problems are not even close to the life changing problems she deals with daily, but I do try to be a strong woman with a smile on my face whenever I take on a difficult task.

I’ve done an array of clients, the diversity of my business has not only given me wisdom but has also given me some funny stories to take home. One client I was pleasantly surprised by was Bobby Flay. I went to do the grooming for him in Napa one morning and he could not have been a warmer, funny and thoughtful person. He made me a cup of delicious tea, which is rare being that he was the client, not the other way around. He asked me if I was married to “The Ken Flach”, the Gold Medalist Tennis player that won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. I answered yes and he immediately looked me in the eye and said, “How the F-word did you get him to marry you?” I seriously almost spit out my tea laughing!

This began a long conversation about our work and families in which we discovered that both of our daughters were DG sorority sisters. I told Bobby about my 5 biological children and 4 “bonus” children. Before I left Bobby, he told me not to have any more kids and focus on my career. So, my dear friend Bobby Flay, that is exactly what I am trying to do!


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