6 Makeup Tips From a Pro

I am asked all the time by friends and clients what my secret makeup tips are. Okay well, maybe they’re not so secret but I promise you they do work!
1.  I love to rotate my night time skin care regime. I always start with an eye cream, Lashboost and either  Age and Blemsh seruim or good old Retin-A  and top it off with a heavy moisturizer. Two nights a week, I do nothing but wash off everything and using a face oil to hydrate my skin.
2. Mascara is not wine and does not get better with time. Take off all your makeup, especially your mascara  before bed. Use a makeup wipe, or a wet washcloth with a makeup remover, moisturizer or a face oil. I don’t care what you use, just get the day’s dirt and makeup off! Your lashes need a break from eyeliner, mascara and shadows. They will grow longer and faster is they get some air and all the weight of the product off. Taking the mascara wand out, on our lashes,and then back into the container with bacteria and air is only going to dry it out. I think we should share everything with our friends, family and daughters, except mascara. I have seen some very painful and unattractive swollen eyes that not magic makeup tips can hide.
3. Washing your makeup brushes once a week is a must. Think about it for a minute, we are adding powder, foundation, bronzer, blush and shadows onto our skin. Then they are exposed to everything from a dirty makeup bag to hair spray being used around it. I also try to use the same brush to apply light eyeshadows and another one for adding a darker shadow to the crease or on top of  the eyeliner. The cleaner the makeup brush, the better your eyeshadow will go on. You don’t want a blend of the last 5 colors you’ve used. If the beautiful brushes that you spent a fortune on are not cared for properly, they are going to become abrasive, the bristels will break, can cause acne, allergies and possible sparse eyelashes. When I am on a shoot I have Neutogenea wipes to clean off the brushes in between clients and when I get home I soak them in warm water and WEN Cleansing Conditioner  for 15 minues, rinse with wam water, squueze all the excess water off with a paper towel and then air dry.
4. Black Liquid Liner is not for the day time, it looks very dated and harsh. You can get the same dramatic effect with a shadow on top of an eyeliner which will last longer and give a pretty, softer look. The liquid liner is also tricky for some of us to master, so try adding a layer of eye shadow on top of the liquid liner.
5. Foundation needs to be matched with the skin on your face, not your hand, I can promise you. Tf you look into the mirror, the skin tone of your hand and your face are shades apart in color. It should blend right in, not be darker or lighter. In fact, you might want to have one darker for summer and one lighter for the winter months. I like using a few drops of foundation with eye cream to even out the skin color of my eye lids before I start adding eyeliner or shadow. Think of how a painter uses primer before he paints a wall with a color. The color of the shadow will look much if there is no unevenness of the eyelid.
6. I tell everyone I meet to drink warm water with lemon or a tbsp of vinegar first thing in the morning. A green juice a day keeps the wrinkles away and a swipe of Pretty Girl Lipgloss will hydrate, protect, and moisturize your lips!

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