I’m a Makeup Artist, Illusionist, and CEO


Being a Makeup Artist is truly is a gift from God, but not for the reasons you think. I’ve definitely enjoyed cool perks like meeting fabulous people, having financial success, being on a set for the day in  penthouse with a view of San Francisco, a shoot on the beach  in Cabo. But I don’t use my portable makeup kit just to make my clients look good, I transform lives.

Giving someone a transformation makeover can make a bride into the most gorgeous version of herself before the biggest moment of her new life with her big love, take years off how a client looks, or even give a teen the confidence they need right before their big night at prom. Being able to make my clients smile when they look in the mirror fills my heart and gives me a satisfaction like no other.

As the creator and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup, I wanted to come up with a long lasting lipgloss because I was so sick and tired of reapplying my lipgloss in between sips of water and chasing my babies around Gymboree class! The name Pretty Girl came from my friend Claudia who told me that we were “Pretty Girls” as we were in Hawaii sitting by the pool, watching our kids happily swim. The most intriging  part of creating my line was giving my products funny names like Rich Husband, Soul Mates, Toes in the Sand gettin’ a Tan, and my favorite that my kids call me (ok, yes, I taught them to say it!) when they really want something, “Pretty and Thin“.

My life has not all been full of movie stars, glam vactions and diamonds. My  4 and a half month old son Beau passed away on Christmas Day ten years ago. After my loss I got divorced after 19 years and 5 kids. I continued to raise my children, in particular one of my daughters was the demon teenager of the century and is now a fabulous fashion designer living in London. So moms out there have faith and don’t give up when your teenager seems like an alien. I’ve owned business’s that have failed,  people that have come in and out of my life who have lied, cheated and hurt me.

I’ve loved. I’ve lost. I’ve conquered.

I know you have probably felt all these same things at one time or another. For me, the gift of being able to create a product like a Lipgloss with names that give the illusion of being a Pretty Girl in those not so glam moments of life is why I created this company.


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