Winter Beach Vacation Makeup Tips

With all this rain and snow, I bet you are ready to vacation and go to the beach. Here are a few easy makeup tips to get a summer look.  We are all about a dewy, “I was lounging at the beach club look”, so our  typical “office” look is not going to work on our much needed get away. Start by prepping your skin with Vitamin C serum, eye cream and your favorite sunscreen. I am loving C2 Skincare right now, It’s created by one of my girlfriends Clarissa Shetler. It’s natural and good for the environment. Next, add a touch of moisturizer to your concealer with your fingers to use under your eye to lighten up the darkness (it also helps protect your skin from the sun).

For eyebrows, use a brow pencil instead of a shadow to fill in your brows, which is my favorite signature touch. It gives a subtle sophisticated look and makes your eyes stand out under those gorgeous sunglasses.I also like to lighten the entire eyelid with a creamy egg nog color and a sandy color in the crease. For eyeliner pencil (preferably not black) make a thin line above the lash line. Smudge it to give a softer look if it’s looking too harsh. If you made the eyliner a bit too heavy, you can add some eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner for an easy correction.

The only time I ever recommend water proof mascara is when you are on vacation or your wedding day. On the water you don’t want to look like a contoured Kardashian wannabe, so apply a peach or tan cream blush to the apples of your cheeks up to your hairline. A natural or bold color lip pencil on your entire lip and a Pretty Girl Lipgloss (Soul Mates or Darling) will give a long-lasting effect without having to keep going back to your beach bag to reapply. If you want to be truly a glam beach goddess, try Rich Husband Lipgloss, it’s a stunning red that looks good on everyone. I have tried it on every one of my friends and family members who are every color and skintone imaginable!

Lastly, my favorite and most important tip is to drink lots of water. My client and BFF Kara Goldin is the CEO and creator of Hint Water. Kara was drinking tons of diet soda in hope of losing weight. She finally stopped drinking what I refer to as liquid Satan, and started drinking water with a hint of real fruit in it. She suddenly dropped 25 pounds, her skin became flawless, and her energy was soaring. Over the moon about the effects of the water, she decided to start her very own water company! Moral to the story, make sure you drink water all day and night. The sun and alcohol dehydrate your skin which no makeup can fix.


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