Lip Gloss Profile: Darling

Pretty Girl Makeup Gloss Darling!

Darling is a clear lip gloss that can be mixed with any of Pretty Girl’s other lip glosses and lipsticks. I promise this product will last a whole work/school day on your lips! This formula is one of the longest lasting lip glosses that I have ever created. This is also a lip treatment that will leave your lips extremely soft and hydrated.

The formula is unique, it binds with skin but not with itself. When I apply it on my lips or when I was doing the swatches below it grips onto my skin similar to how honey sticks. However, it does not feel sticky when you press your lips together. It is a heavy gloss so you will sense it on your lips, but it’s not overwhelming and does not carry a scent.

This close will give you that classy, glossy looks for hours on end and will lead your lips feeling hydrated from the oils and minerals it contains. It’s made up of macadamia nut oil, olive oil, shea butter, grape seed oil and Vitamin E which will nourish your lips and plump them with hydration.

.Pretty Girl Makeup Gloss Darling!

Pretty Girl Makeup Gloss Darling!

This is a clear gloss with no shimmer, just shine. You can layer this on top of any lip color that is drying or to make your lips look fuller. Click here to purchase!


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