Go from Daytime Fab to Nighttime Glam in under 5 minutes

How to get Daytime makeup to Nightime in under 5 minutes!
How to get Daytime makeup to Night time GLAM in under 5 minutes!

It’s almost 5pm, you’ve had the longest day in history but the good news is you have a dinner date that you have been looking forward to all day. You’re mildly freaking out that you have literally 5 minutes to get home to quickly shower, get your hair back to the  amazing way it looked this morning and step your makeup game up for the evening. Here are a few quick steps to help the process. Before we begin, go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, turn on the music to whatever makes you feel happy and take 3 deep breaths. Let’s get going, we have 5 minutes:

1. Wipe your face of any excess oils and dirt with a tissue or oil absorbing sheets to clear your canvas for makeup. If you are at the office and have neither of these products, use a toilet seat cover. No kidding, it works!

2. Use a Q-tip to clean up any smudges under your eyes from liner or mascara.

3. Add a touch, and I mean only a touch of eye cream before you add the concealer, which will go on smoother and look lighter. Touch up your foundation or add some powder to your face to straighten out any unevenness. After a long day at work we all need a bit of an illusion of looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

4. Fill in your brows with some shadow or pencil to give the polished sophisticated look we want. This is especially important because your eyebrows frame your entire face.

5. Use a black liner on your top lid or use a black shadow to add a line close into your lashes. A thick, heavy line is going to make small eyes look smaller but if that’s not your issue make it a bit thicker for some drama. Add a dark brown or black shadow under your eye close into the lashes.

6. Under the brow, add a light creamy colored eyeshadow such as  Sea Glass. In the crease of your eyes add a color you love for that smokey eye look we all like to have at night.

7. Touch up the mascara on the top and bottom of your lashes to make those eyes stand out.

8. Add a  splash of blush  or bronzer to your cheeks for some color if you are feeling a bit pale which will accentuate those cheek bones.

9. Last but not least, get that darker lipstick out girl! Turn your lips into rich and luscious with a swipe of Soul Mates Lipgloss that lasts perfectly through dinner.

You are all done! Have a fabulous night Pretty Girl!

To see Christina’s 5 minute tips on video, click on this!


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