Makeup Tips from ABC Bay Area Life


Behind the scenes.
Behind the scenes with Lizzie Bermudez and Mim Lyon at Tovani Salon in Mill Valley.

It was incredibly exciting to be interviewed by Lizzie Bermudez for Bay Area Life on ABC . Anytime I am able to secure a media platform where I can showcase my passion and talents, I am over the moon. For this Bay Area Life segment we ended up taping about 6 makeup tips in 3 hours. It was a truly fun experience and I can’t wait to do it again. My job as a Makeup Artist means I not only have to be able to do makeup magic myself, but I also have to be able to teach people how to do it on their own.

With any client, I automatically look at the face and evaluate what needs to be done to make the face as beautiful yet natural as possible. I have to choose the right concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss,and  lipstick for a client. I don’t ever have to verbalizie what, how, or why I am doing what I am doing when I am on a shoot. I am used to being on a set chatting with my clients about what’s new, exciting in their life, on TV, or discussing what we wish we could eat.


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