Love, Beauty, and Lip Gloss


There are four things in life that I can’t live without: True Friendship, Love, Beauty and Lip Gloss

1.True Friendship means supporting, caring, loving and being honest (even when it’s not what the friend wants to hear!). It seems that I have many “Best Friends” and they live out of sate or let’s just say not in my town. So it’s not so easy to pop over for a cup of tea daily and chat about everything and nothing. They know me, my kids, my husband, my work, how I like my green juice, tea and pretty much anything that means anything to me. Thankfully, we chat on the phone and text as often as we can because, honestly, I have no idea how I would get through life with out them!

2. Love is delicious, a yummy warm piece of bread with butter. Love is  the warm and sunny beach in Cabo. Love is caring when you don’t feel well but you do it anyway. Love is passion, loving my husband so much I kiss him until the minute he walks out the door. Love is my baby’s sweet feet, that I love to rub. Love is surprising me with dinner after a long hard day at work, and I am starving with no time to cook.. Love is looking at my adorable husband’s face when he is reading with his glasses at the tip of his nose. Love is seeing one of my daughter’s that has been away at college for many months and hugging, kissing  and crying (I cry about anything my kids do, including walking off a plane!)  at the same time because I am so happy to see them! Love is wishing my mom who  is up in heaven could see my life and meet  my children and husband.

3. My love is not exactly for the Lip Gloss, but for what it represents to me. Lip Gloss is my work, which I love so much I can’t even explain to you. I love that I have created a Lip Gloss that is loved and worn by celebrities, athletes, moms, models and all the Pretty Girls who buy it! I love creating new colors for my company and trying to be as patient as I can, which is a struggle because it feels like Christmas Eve everyday until it’s ready!

4. Beauty — I love that I am a makeup artist with an agent from LOOK ARTISTS AGENCY named AL, who gets me amazing jobs with the likes of Gucci, Hillary Swank, Condoleezza Rice, Vogue, Louis Vuitton, the CEOs of HINT Water, ABC Disney, Hampton Creek and GAP, that let me make their fashion show, models and themselves beautiful for their events. I love making up a bride for her wedding day and being the last person to touch her up before she walks down the aisle. I love my assistant Spencer who is patient and fixes everything related to my website, computer and pretty much everything. He helps take care of my puppies when I am away, picks up my sons at school and a million other things I am incredibly grateful for! I love my publicist/BFF Yvette Masterson who has miraculously gotten Pretty Girl into so many magazines I could only dream of, a gloss next to Miley Cyrus‘s bed in INSTYLE and more to come with our new relaunch that is happening this summer! I  love my editor Stephanie in NYC, who welcomes me as a celebrity and fashion writer for Soap Opera Digest for the past 8 years. I love going to the super market, opening the small magazine at the checkout stand and see whom I complimented and clobbered.I love the award seasons when everyone is dressed in gowns walking down the red carpet. I actually get to write my opinion and it is published. Seriously, sometimes I can’t believe this is my life..Don’t tell anyone, but I wished for all of it and it came true! And, for the icing on the cake — I would love for you to try my products!


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