Gap Shoot

I started my day  getting Nikolai (14) and Ben (8) ready for school which is the subject for another blog called  “How many times can I say the same thing , while they ignore me and hurry up or we are going to be late for school!”. After drinking green juice 2 cups of very strong Lavendar Earl Grey tea , a quick yet  painful 1 hour Pilates class with Peter who enjoys putting me through agony before  a  meeting with my assistant Spencer who makes my life so much easier, followed up with  a half day shoot with the CEO of The Gap in San Francisco.

I arrived at the  GAP offices that are gorgeous with water views of the Bay Bridge  with my two huge suitcases, one for hair  filled with  brushes, combs, gels, sprays and every electrical hair product you many need for every hair type and the other larger one filled  with so many creams, concealers , foundations, lip sticks, gloss,  every color of eyeshadow and blush to NOT use on my client that was being photographed for a magazine! This was the second time I worked with him. The first time was in October when he was named CEO. He came into the room I had set up in and shook his hand and said,”Hi, nice to see you again.” He said, “Oh, have we met before?” At this point, I am thinking I clearly made no impression on him which is better than a bad impression or it was the day he was named CEO of a huge ass company, so perhaps he had a bit more on his mind then me making him ready for the light’s, camera’s and press that were coming to see him in his new role.

I got him camera ready, touched  up his lovely assistant while we were waiting for the photographer to set up , touched him up again and was out the door to beat the traffic, on my way  to my manufacturer to pick up new Shadows, Bronzers , 20 cases of lip gloss that needed shrink-wrap added to be ready to sell. I made a slight detour to my husband’s BBQ joint to pick up “Piggy bowl’s”  before I crossed the Richmond Bridge after already crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge  in the span of 5 hours. Needless to say it was a long, busy, productive day and it ended picking up  Ben from a playdate  and getting a huge kiss and hug..Heaven!


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