WEN Shampoo the miracle for hair!


I met Chaz Dean the celebrity hair stylist  and creator of WEN Hair products a few years ago on a shoot in LA. He was sweet, kind and I could see how talented he was from how he turned damaged hair into a beautiful mane of healthy ,silky hair in no time at all!

I have been a huge fan ever since!

I had hair extentions for about a year and finally my husband asked me to take my “sniglets” out, so he could touch my head again with out running his fingers into the extentions. I took them out and my hair looked like a cancer victim. My hair was lifeless,thin,had no shine,and  looked very damaged! I was shocked and freaked out that I had permanently ruined my hair. I saw Chaz on TV, and thought to myself, this is the only way my hair has a chance to heal and look lush again. I swear in less then a month, my hair was thicker,healthy,strong and shinny and best of all my color lasts twice as long!!! Chaz has come up with a natural formula with out sulfates to cleanse your hair with out damaging and taking the color out.The shampoo does “not sudz up” like every other shampoo on the market, you get your hair wet and leave it on during your shower and rinse it out at the end of your shower. It really should be illegal for the other “leading” shampoo’s to put all this garbage into shampoo. You are paying for a shampoo that is ruining your hair and making the color not last as long as it should. Why?? I will never use another shampoo but WEN . It truly is a miracle this product! Everyone needs to try it and fall in love with the results! The new Winter Vanilla Mint Hair Conditioner is available  Dec- Feb. www.chazdean.com


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